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2-3 Person Picnic Pack


This fantastic picnic package offers you everything you need to enjoy your favourite Casanova Gelato with friends or family.

The Picnic Package includes:
1  Thermal box, with 6 Scoops (of your choice)
3  Wafer cones
3  Delicious sauces
3  Scrumptious toppings
1   Bottles of water (still or sparkling) or Orange Soda                                                                                                                  3  Compostable Cups
3  Teaspoons, Paper napkins, Straws and a Spoon for portioning the gelato.

Our thermal Boxes are Fully Compostable and can keep your gelato at the perfect temperature for up to 2 hours (at average external temperature between 15°to 20°).

The Picnic pack will be delivered to you in a paper bag placed inside a plastic bag.
During all stages of preparation and packaging of your food, our staff always wear masks and gloves while maintaining the highest standards of personal and hand hygiene.
After each delivery gloves are changed and the delivery box is cleaned and disinfected.

Our staff will avoid any close contact during delivery. Gloves and mask will be worn. You will be notified by a phone call about ten minutes before delivery.


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